The Burrows Server Plugins & Features


  1. Automatic Response systems based on chat comments.
  2. User Ticketing system to engage staff.
  3. User Jail and Warning systems for trouble user feedback.
  4. Multi-world and assosciated management systems.
  5. Anti-griefing systems.

Player vs Player

  1. 100% custom built PvP Map.
  2. Bounty system.
  3. Statistics system.
  4. Cash kill rewards.
  5. Grief and PK are allowed in PvP map.


  1. Shops, Economy, and Currency management.
  2. Multi-world money management between the worlds.


  1. Dynmap access with associated Plugins.
  2. World size and border management.

Player Experience

  1. Help with quickly finding new untouched places to build via Population Density.
  2. Ranked inventory retention on death.
  3. Access to your bed to return home.
  4. Flight systems.
  5. Virtual chest system.
  6. Check when other users have been connected to the server.
  7. Holographic Displays at Points of Interest.
  8. Container, Device, and Block locking.
  9. and more!!



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