PvP Map


Long ago the land of Pagan was besieged by the terror of an unknown foe. Entering Pagan through unknown means the great nemesis laid waste to the world, blacking out the sun for many years.

Assisting the great bringer of darkness were four elemental Titans; Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, whom went on to rule over the people of Pagan as gods long after the darkness had left the land.

A Virtuous Stranger from another world arrived on Pagan and cleansed the land driving from it all of the Titans. However when the last of the Titans, the Titan of Fire: Pyros, was cast out the land grew cold and the Great Chill began.

The sun is visible now on Pagan after a thousand years of darkness, the land has cooled, and the volcano silenced. Though the banishment of the Titans has left the land with very little difference in weather and left behind a cold and unforgiving land.

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