The Burrows Goes Live!


Come and join us! BURROWS.CRAFT-NETWORKS.COM:17010



The Burrows Server Hardware & Internet Testing

I’m just getting the server ready now! 150Mb+ internet connection and 16GB of RAM to start with. Bring it MineCraft!

Holographic Displays!

The Holographic Displays plugin is pretty cool, I’ve set a few up on the server near points of interest and it really stands out. Quite a bit more interesting and obvious than signs!

The Sky Orca!

The Sky Orca Airship was designed by pangeranberbajuputih on DeviantArt. I fell in love with it so straight away I had to build it in MineCraft and it is now part of The Burrows Server! It currently is home to the Server’s Tutorial, but there is plenty of space to find new uses for her.


Spawns: Survival, and PvP, and Creative, oh my!

Getting closer to completion now, each world’s spawn area has pretty much been finalized. The biggest by far is the Survival spawn under the mountain in The Burrows where Morbildar is housed.


Tutorial & DokuCraft Dwarf Resource Pack!

Just working out the Ranking and Permissions while building this Tutorial room, Doku Dwarf( is such a great resource pack to work with!